Johnny as The Most Heroic Character In The Outsiders

What makes a hero? People often refer to heroes as people who rescue others from supervillains or monsters. Heroics can come from anyone. Johnny, for example, is a hero from S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and Ponyboy. Bob is one example of an anti-hero. Anti-heroes can be compared to heroes. They lack the traditional heroic qualities of courage and moral goodness. Heroes are usually selfless, compassionate, and brave. Johnny Cade is an example person who has all these characteristics. Johnny Cade is the bravest, most selfless, and most compassionate of The Outsiders.

Johnny’s most heroic trait is his bravery. Johnny is courageous because he told Ponyboy and Dally that he was sure when they were talking in Johnny’s car. Ponyboy is not allowed to remain up in the church with Darry’s and Soda’s constant worryin’ about Ponyboy Hinton 75. Johnny said he will surrender to police because Ponyboy should not be kept in church with Darry or Sodapop worrying about Johnny for his runaway. This is important as it shows Johnny’s bravery to report to the police. Also, it shows his concern about Ponyboy and Soda’s feelings. Johnny doesn’t care about anyone. Dallas Winston is another example of bravery. Dally saved Johnny by saving one of his students. (Hinton 81) Dally was able to save Johnny from the church on fire by rushing in, even risking his own life. Dally loves this because Dally can often get into trouble. Dally saved Johnny, and Dally has a special place in his heart. Greasers, Socs, and other conflicts often have two sides. Cherry Valance is one Soc who exemplifies bravery. Cherry Valance, Cherry’s mother, explained why Cherry and Marcia did not have a car. She meant that she would not allow alcohol to enter her life. She is strong enough to resist her boyfriend’s lawlessness and courageous enough to avoid the alcohol dangers. Johnny’s selflessness is another heroic trait. Ponyboy ran up to the church but didn’t realize Johnny was right there with him. (Hinton 1978). Johnny wants to save all the children. He follows Ponyboy through the fiery, roaring church. Johnny put the children’s safety first and risked everything to save them. Darrel Cutis’ selflessness is also evident when he chooses to become Greaser rather than a Soc. Ponyboy was talking to Two-Bit at the bus stand when TwoBit said that Darry couldn’t be stopped by us. Darry is too smart and strong to be a Greaser. Darry is determined to care for his brothers so he continues to use the Greasers to care for his family. He is not interested in a brighter day, but he wants to be there for his loved ones. Cherry Valance is also selfless as she spy for the Greasers in order to help Johnny in the hospital. “She stated that she believed that all of this was her fault and would continue to follow the Socs’ rumble …”.. Cherry felt sorry for Johnny’s actions after the fire. She knew Bob was to blame so she searched for Greasers information. This is an example of her selflessness in doing right. It is important to be a hero, however.

Compassion is the last heroic quality. Ponyboy was hurt by Darry and Johnny shows compassion by comforting him. “Easy, Ponyboy. Ponyboy lets Johnny hold Ponyboy’s hand and weeps. Johnny shows compassion and loyalty to Ponyboy during this time. Ponyboy displays compassion in the following quote: “It seemed comical to me that she saw the sunset from her patio, and I saw it from my back steps. Maybe our worlds weren’t so very different. “We saw one sunset.” (Hinton 35). Ponyboy shows empathy when he realizes the labels Greasers or Socs are just labels. Cherry Valance shows her compassion and loves Bob. “I’m too young for love and all that. But Bob was special.” Cherry Valance, who loved Bob dearly, was moved by the passing of Bob. Cherry was able to see the good in Bob, despite his being a jerk.

Many things can be considered heroes. Others show courage and bravery. Selflessness: Heroes put the lives and needs of others first. To feel compassion and to care about the misfortunes of others, One character demonstrates these qualities clearly, Johnny Cade. What can be done to make yourself heroic? What are some ways you can be a hero?