Fate Of Reagan Legislative Agenda Said Uncertain

Although both Democrats and Republicans acknowledged President Reagan’s significant re-election win as a demonstration of his widespread popularity, they held contrasting views on whether this landslide victory over Walter F. Mondale signifies a mandate for the Administration’s programs and if it will assist in advancing Mr. Reagan’s legislative agenda through Congress. The Democrats managed to secure two seats in the Senate, which is currently controlled by the GOP with a majority of 53 to 47. Meanwhile, the Republicans gained approximately 15 seats in the House, falling short of their desired 25-seat increase to provide the President with a "working majority" there. Republican House Minority Leader Robert H. Michel from Illinois stated on Wednesday that the American people should not anticipate numerous legislative victories for President Reagan in Congress.

Looking ahead to education, in post-election remarks, the President and his top aides emphasized that cutting domestic spending would be given high priority. It was reported that their first substantive budget meetings would take place early in the following week. However, one Republican Senate aide expressed that education is not likely to face significant cuts. This is because numerous senators have publicly committed to support education and will safeguard it from major reductions. Education Secretary Terrel H. Bell’s resignation is not expected to have a sizable impact on the Education Department’s budget, as most agencies’ budgets will still be determined by the White House, regardless of who holds the Secretary’s position. Senator Paul Laxalt, a Republican from Nevada and chairman of the President’s campaign committee, mentioned that Mr. Reagan is determined to push forward with his social agenda, which includes introducing prayer in public schools and implementing tuition tax credits.

However, according to Congressional sources, the Republicans’ failure to secure a conservative "ideological mandate" in the House might hinder the passage of such measures.

Noteworthy Senate Races

In certain races that attracted special attention from educators, Democrat Representative Paul Simon from Illinois secured a Senate seat by defeating three-term incumbent Charles H. Percy. However, three Democrats who had been advocates for education, Lloyd Doggett from Texas, Governor James B. Hunt of North Carolina, and William F. Winter of Mississippi, were defeated in their Senate races. Representative Doggett was soundly defeated by Representative Phil Gramm, while Governor Hunt was beaten by incumbent Jesse A. Helms, and Mr. Winter suffered a similar fate against incumbent Thad Cochran. Walter D. Huddleston, a two-term Democratic Senator from Kentucky, was also ousted by A. Mitchell (Mitch) McConnell Jr. in a race where the margin of victory was less than one percent. Senator Huddleston, who co-authored legislation this year to fund asbestos-removal programs in schools, has requested a recount. Claiborne Pell, the top-ranking Democrat on the Senate Subcommittee on Education, Arts, and Humanities, won reelection by a large margin against Republican challenger Barbara Leonard.

Representative Simon, who chaired the House Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education and was the author of several major education bills, reportedly intends to compete for the Democratic seat on the Labor and Human Resources Committee, which was vacated by the retiring Jennings Randolph of West Virginia. This move would allow him to maintain involvement in shaping education policy through legislation. However, two other newly elected Democratic Senators, Governor John D. (Jay) Rockefeller 4th of West Virginia and Albert Gore Jr. of Tennessee, are also expressing their interest in a seat on the committee. Republican and Democratic aides generally agree that the election results will have little influence on the committee.

In the House, the only member of the 19-person House Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education to be defeated was Democratic Representative Ike F. Andrews from North Carolina, who was surpassed by William Cobey Jr. Among the incoming House members, nine hail from the South, as revealed by the National Conservative Political Action Committee’s compiled list. In states like North Carolina and Texas, three Democratic incumbents were unseated by Republican challengers, benefiting from Reagan’s substantial margins in those areas. Additionally, another Republican, Larry Combest, secured an open seat in Texas. In Indiana, Democratic Representative Frank McCloskey did not benefit from the recently authorized $6 million for the Center for Educational Excellence at Indiana University in Bloomington. Representative McCloskey, a key supporter of federal funds, was defeated by Republican challenger Rick McIntyre.

Is It a Mandate for Reagan?

Republicans argued last week that President Reagan’s significant victory margin signifies an endorsement of his policies.

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