Unveiling The Character Of Tessie Hutchinson In ‘The Lottery’

Shirley Jackson’s fictional story The Lottery tells the story of a village that follows blindly traditional rules. The annual ritual takes place every June in the village. Most of them don’t understand what the lottery is. Tessie Hutchinson, like all villagers, is one of them. She is dynamic. Although Tessie seems to be a good citizen in her community, and she follows the rules, her character changes as she stands up for herself. Tessie is passive at first. She is open to accepting gender roles and doing what is expected. She stands next to her husband after she arrives late for the lottery and says, “Wouldn’t you have me leave the m’dishes in a sink now, Joe?” Tessie prioritizes household chores and plays the role of housewife in her dystopian community. She follows the rules and doesn’t seem to be able to resist them. She simply accepts the rules.

It is also obvious that Tessie conforms to certain norms. She is submissive. Tessie doesn’t seem to have any issues with her village’s traditions or values. She rather cheers for her husband at the lottery. Tessie encourages Bill Hutchinson as he calls his name. Tessie was a great support for her husband, even when others seemed anxious or nervous. Tessie is a good citizen because she conforms to the traditions and enjoys them. As events unfold, Tessie begins to assert herself. After being chosen for the lottery, Tessie’s perspective changes. She starts to question the rules she has been following for many years. She starts to argue with the villagers, complaining that it is unfair and wrong, until she finally dies. Tessie is changed by the events that directly affected them at the end. Tessie, if she hadn’t been chosen, would still be a passive and conformist. Tessie became a hero because she was chosen.

Tessie has become a disillusioned citizen and is not a good example of a normal citizen. Tessie is dynamic as she changes from being passively conformist to active protestor. Tessie Hutchinson has a dynamic personality. She appears idealistic, but when she wins the lottery, she transforms into the complete opposite. She becomes assertive and no longer conformist. The Lottery shows that people’s experiences can shape their identity and character.


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